Balls in Vienna

When it comes to balls, Vienna is definitely the place to be. The Waltz has its home here and balls have a long tradition in Vienna and enjoy great popularity among both the local population and tourists from all over the world. Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic, Flower Ball, Opera Ball, Bonbon-Ball, Ball of the Viennese Coffee House Owners, Elmayer Kränzchen… in the ball season, there are numerous balls to choose from. What they almost all have in common: Strict dress codes, an opening fanfare, magnificent orchestras, traditional delicacies, a midnight interlude and many other highlights. All that remains to say: Alles Walzer!

We also recommend:

Zuckerbäckerball (Confectioners’ Ball)

Fete Imperiale (at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna)

Life Ball (at the Vienna City Hall)


Moscow Ball