Austria’s longest shopping mile of all is the Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna’s 7thDistrict, where almost all major retail shopping brands can be found. Clothing, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, electronics, pop-up stores, restaurants, accessories, books, furniture and lots more is all right there. The subway runs about half the length of “Mahü”, as the street is called by locals, and makes it easy to get around, while numerous street cafes and restaurants along the way offer rest, refreshment and a break from shopping. Those who prefer a more luxurious atmosphere can check out the 1stDistrict’s Kärtnerstraße, Graben and Kohlmarkt. This area is lined with elegant boutiques, luxury brands, and a wide variety of dining and lounging opportunities. Best of all, it’s surrounded by the beauty of Austrian tradition, making it easy to browse the whole day away.

Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck and even smaller towns in Austria also offer major department stores, top-quality designer shops, small vintage shops and elegant or unusual boutiques!

We recommend:

For the clothing: Shopping City Süd,Parndorf Outlet

For the groceries: Spar,Hofer

For the electronics: Saturn Media Markt

For the interior: Interio

For the household use: BIPA,DM,Müller

For the cosmetics: Douglas