Districts of Vienna

Vienna’s 23 districts begin in the city center with the 1stDistrict. The 1stDistrict is also called the “Innerstadt”, or inner city. Districts 2 through 9 surround the 1stDistrict, with Districts 10 through 23 encircling Districts 2 through 9. The inner ring of districts (2–9) is very popular, especially with younger, affluent people and their families.

In addition to districts in the inner ring, we also recommend the following outer ring districts:

21. Floridsdorf

22. Donaustadt

23. Liesing

13. Hietzing

19. Döbling

These districts are family-friendly and are located in parts of Vienna that offer easy access to parks, recreation, and other amenities.

All districts in Vienna are conveniently accessed with the Wiener Linien public transportation service, in a combination of bus, tram, and underground (subway).