Cycling is a popular leisure activity in Austria and is a popular commuting method. This is possible thanks to a robust and ever-expanding network of cycling routes. In Vienna alone, the full itinerary is about 1.300 kilometres. Be sure to become familiar with the simple, but important traffic regulations that apply to cyclists. Police monitor cyclists as well as motorists, and have no problem issuing citations accordingly.

The Citybike programme offers single speed bicycles for hourly rent, and they are a very popular option for residents and tourists alike. Using the bikes requires a smartphone App, and once registered, you can “check out” and return bikes to self-service collection points all over the city. As the first hour of use is free, it’s possible to commute to work with a bike for free in both directions, with no worry about storage or parking.

Scooters, e-Scooters and Skateboarding

Scooters and skateboards are no longer just for kids and teenagers. Scooters in particular are a popular commuting tool, and it’s legal to use them on regular pedestrian sidewalks. Motorized scooters are rising in popularity as well, and there are even rental points for self-service pick-up and drop-off, similar to the Citybike programme.