Public transport

The “Offis”

Austria has an excellent public transportation system, allowing passengers to travel in an easy, safe, clean and environmentally-friendly way for a reasonable price. In Vienna, Vienna’s public transport operator Wiener Linien, has nearly 180 underground, tram and bus lines, an underground network extending to 83, and a tram network that comprises about 220 kilometres and makes it the sixth-largest in the world. You can purchase ride/day/week/month tickets at most major stations, but the easiest way is through the Wiener Linien smartphone App. You’ll notice that there are no turnstiles or ticket gates in Vienna — but Control Agents are common and the fines for riding without a ticket are very steep, usually several times the cost of the ride. Regular riders benefit from the “Jahreskarte” which is a full year of rides for about 1Euro/day.