Unemployment insurance

The Austrian Labour Market Service (AMS) oversees unemployment insurance benefits in Austria. The purpose of the Austrian unemployment benefit is to secure your livelihood while you are looking for work. To be entitled to an unemployment benefit, you must be unemployed, able and willing to work (to accept suitable employment), be at the disposal of the AMS job office and not have exhausted your entitlement.

You must also have completed a minimum period of insurance. This applies in case you have been covered by unemployment insurance for at least 52 weeks during the last 24 months, or 26 weeks within the last 12 months (if you are below the age of 25 years).

The duration of unemployment benefit depends on the period of insurance and your age. It is paid for at least 20 weeks but can be increased to 30 weeks if you participate in a follow-up training, retraining measure or a reintegration measure commissioned by the Labour Market Service. If you participate in an approved work foundation, you can increase your benefit up to four years.



*All given numbers are estimated based on 2018 rates and a gross salary of € 60,000. Real amounts are calculated for each individual based upon the rates of the moment and that individual’s official salary.