Your pets

Dogs, cats, and ferrets are required to be vaccinated and may only travel with an official Pet Passport that clearly identifies both the pet and the pet owner, and includes essential information about the pet’s vaccination history. If you choose to travel with a pet within the EU or EEA, the pet must be microchipped (dogs, cats, ferrets) or tattooed (cats/ferrets only), with the chip/tattoo recorded in the Pet Passport.

Dogs have more strict requirements than other pets, and in addition to being chipped, they must also be officially registered and taxed. Some cities and villages require that the dog’s registration tag be worn in public at all times. When changing residence, the dog must be degregistered from the former residence and registered with the new one. Fees start at approx. 72Eur for the first dog.

Austria takes a firm stance on the appropriate care of animals in human care. As such, the country holds to “Principles for the Keeping of Animals,” which state that:

“Whomever takes an animal into her/his care, has to provide food and care suitable for the species, race and age of the animal, as well as accommodation suitable for the species, race, and behaviour, and veterinary care in case of illness or injury.

Cruelty against animals and the killing of animals without reason is explicitly forbidden.

In principle, owners of animals (particularly dog owners) have to make sure that walkways, sidewalks, pedestrian precincts and residential streets, sandboxes and playgrounds are kept clean.”

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