Oleg Rozhkov

Software developer – 40 years old – married – Minsk, Belarus

Excellent public transport. We sold the car in Belarus and there was no reason to buy it here. There are inexpensive options to rent, if it’s very necessary.

Vienna is beautiful. Subjectively, of course, but it has many nice things for different tastes. Museums, theaters, architecture, and so on.

The nature is beautiful and varied. In the winter you have mountaineering sports, in the summer – lakes, “Wanderwege”, climbing. To different tastes and severity.

Many old cities with beautiful centers, castles and fortresses of varying degrees of integrity.

Tasty food. In many respects similar to the Belarusian one. Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, potatoes. Buckwheat is, despite the stereotype.

Good local wine. Wine festivals, tastings, Weinwandertag and similar events from spring to late autumn.

Despite the fact that everyone is scolding the local bureaucracy, employees are, most often polite and friendly and help to fill in all forms and also to answer questions.

You need German language if you do not work in IT. B1 or even better B2. For studying at the university, B2 is usually needed.

The level of trust is higher as in Belarus. Shops display goods often on the street without any protection (selling ​​often something in the account, payment after receipt).